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Healthcare Jobs in Singapore: Market Profile

The standard of medical practice in Singapore ranks among the best in the world. Singapore hosted more than 1 million foreign patients by the end of 2012. Because of these exponential growth plans, and a shortage of Singapore-born doctors, many healthcare jobs in Singapore are being filled by foreigners.

Demand for healthcare in South-East Asia is rapidly increasing, with greater economic circumstances, greater health awareness, longer lifespans in the region. Singapore’s healthcare employers and research institutes also work closely with the numerous medical technology and biotechnology companies in the city-state. This contributes significantly to the world-class status of medical practice in Singapore, with opportunities for healthcare service providers to test-bed and develop innovative healthcare solutions and systems. Medical innovations include IT systems, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and consumer lifestyle.

There are healthcare jobs in Singapore available principally in public hospitals, private hospitals and specialty centres – providing a complete spectrum of clinical job spectrum from basic health screening to dental surgery and quaternary care. The principle recruiters in in the public sector include Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd and National Healthcare Group. In the private sector, healthcare groups include the Parkway Group, Raffles Medical Group, Jurong Health, Thomson Medical, Pacific Healthcare, Johns Hopkins, Joint Commission International, IMS Health Asia, International SOS, and Fortis Healthcare.

Key roles that are in demand in Singapore include doctors, nurses, specialists, dentists and physiotherapists.

Medical professionals holding a recognised degree or postgraduate medical qualification  by the Singapore Medical Council may apply for conditional registration. Specialist qualifications recognised for specialist accreditation by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB), Singapore may also apply. It is also possible to apply for temporary registration, subject to having the right criteria, according to the Singapore Medical Council.

The dental register is similarly divided into a Full Registration, Conditional Registration and Temporary Registration category.

After knowing that you are qualified for the healthcare role in Singapore, you will now need to find a hospital with the job vacancy. As like we recommended in our “finding a job in Singapore” section, it is always best to go direct. For the long list of general hospitals or private hospitals to contact, you can visit our healthcare section.

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