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Energy Jobs in Singapore: Market Guide

Singapore is Asia’s job hub for oil & gas and has the world’s largest oil refinery. Almost 5% of Singapore’s gross domestic product has come from Oil & Gas.  The oil industry has been central to Singapore’s economic mantra, since 1891 when trading in oil began here.

energy jobs singapore

The clean technology job sector is of growing importance in Singapore

The Singapore Government have launched the National Energy Policy Report, titled “Energy for Growth”. The report outlined a holistic national energy policy framework that balances the four policy objectives of economic competitiveness, energy security, environmental sustainability, and industry development. The strong focus on Energy within public policy bodes well for future job prospects in Oil  & Gas, as well as jobs in renewable energy.

The clean energy sector in Singapore is growing in significance, as highlighted in the above report issued by the Government of Singapore.  Singapore’s experience and capabilities in the semiconductor, industrial equipment and chemicals sectors place the country in good stead to capture opportunities in the solar, fuel cells and biofuels markets.

Hence, job opportunities in Energy R&D are also strong. Singapore is also channeling its R&D capabilities towards developing high-value products such as lubricants. In its efforts to extract more value from refineries, Singapore has achieved headway in key R&D areas such as process optimization and catalyst development which maximise the use of existing refinery assets.

Oil & Gas companies with job opportunities include Chevron, Shell, BP, Statoil and ExxonMobil.

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