Pair Your Diamond Engagement Rings With A Worthy Pendant

Women are always excited for their engagement because they are entering into a commitment for life; a commitment to stick together in good times and bad times. The show stealer in an engagement is the engagement ring. Women take great pleasure on showing off the ring on their finger. Therefore, the pleasure and the pressure of selecting a ring that will please the lady and your pocket is not easy.

In fact, it is the most bewildering and trying time for most men. There is always the unsaid demand for something exotic and unique; something nobody has ever worn before. It is always a challenge to understand what a woman wants and what gift will send her into raptures. In reality, proposing to your woman might have been an easier and simpler process than selecting the engagement ring.

Impressing your love is not too hard

It’s your engagement and the heat is on to get her something new, exquisite and unique. So, to impress the woman in your life and make this moment count you have to do something different, something that she can remember forever and ever. Do not stop with a nice diamond engagement ring but surprise her with a beautiful pendant too.

Have you checked out the latest diamond pendants in the market? Is there anything exciting and new that can brighten your engagement day; something glamorous that she can rave about for ages? You will be surprised by the sheer number of designs to choose from. It’s really not that hard to impress your love.

An enticing combination

To begin with, make up your mind to do something unusual and different. So here is an option that will be hard to resist.

* A pair of black earrings

* An intricately handcrafted diamond angel pendant

* Finally pear shaped halo engagement ring.

When you gift the above you can be sure your fiancée will fall in love with you all over again. Here’s why…

An ensemble to match the occasion

Black goes with all! There is something so elegant and striking about them that no one can escape their charm. As far as men are concerned, men do like black earrings to impress.

This pendant (diamond angel) that we have mentioned about is a dainty piece that sits nicely on the neck. The shimmering diamonds exude an aura that is pious yet so enticing and pleasing not only to the wearer but also to the onlookers. It only seems appropriate that the presence on the angles in the form of a pendant bless you with abundance on your D day.

Don’t settle for the standard round diamond ring for your beloved. Look beyond at designs that are hot, new and splendid. Check out the Pear shaped halo engagement ring; only very few pieces of jewelry can match the charm of this ring handcrafted meticulously. Resplendent on your ring finger, this ring radiates elegance and dignity. The pear shaped stone is set higher than the halo for a reason; the sparkle of the surrounding stones on the centre piece creates a delectable effect that will cheer the bride and the groom. You can be sure that your lady will state, “this ring is my favorite: 2ct.”