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How to meet people after moving to Singapore

Meeting People after Moving to Singapore

Many of those making the move to Singapore will do so alone. No matter who you are, you will want to find friends out there. The great thing is that making friends in Singapore is very easy, and there are hundreds of events and clubs that are designed to serve the newly arrived.

Join a club

If you play sport you’re already sorted: be it tennis, golf, rugby or anything else there are tons of clubs to join and all treat their members extremely well. Also, this is an excellent way to do some networking. There are also a number of social clubs available to those willing to pay.

Chamber of commerce

Another option for meeting people in a similar situation to you (and from the same country) is to look up your country’s Chamber of Commerce. There are often both social and networking events frequently organised by some CoCs.

Couchsurfing, Meetups and

There are a number of online communities that are great ways of getting to know people in your new home city. These sites are a great way of meeting people in Singapore and are not to be sneered at. They are not sleazy dating sites! Many of these users will bend over backwards to show you around the city and might become your first great friend in your new home. It could be a night out, a coffee or a city tour.

The option of searching for sociable individuals or joining a community is available on Couchsurfing, Meetups and Triptrotting. Singapore alone has several communities depending on your interests but the general  Singapore communities currently has over 10,000 members so. Using Meetups, anyone can organise a meeting or an event and post it here. Though there are some strange groups out there, you will probably come across something that will appeal to your interest: be it a sports event, coffee or a picnic in the park.

Night Clubs / Pubs / Bars

The nightclubs, pubs and bars in Singapore is a great place to meet new people. After the evening, these places get populated really quickly. There are all kind of pubs and bars for different people of interests, so you will definitely find one that suits you. For more information, visit our Singapore Nightlife section for places to check out.

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