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expat health insurance for singapore

Global Health Insurance: Getting Properly Covered

When moving to Singapore to live, having you and your family’s health in the best possible safety is of utmost importance. Having health insurance not only protects against the life-threatening emergencies but also allows you the comfort to take precautions and get treated while living in Singapore as you would at home.

Healthcare is expensive in Singapore – especially if you want the best private care for you and your family. Global health insurance ensures that you get the treatment you need in Singapore in cases of emergency. This will normally include travel around the region. Global health policies can range hugely, both in terms of price and the benefits that the policies offer.

What to remember when applying for expat insurance

In most cases, the global health insurance provider will not increase the premium if you make a large claim, which separates it from many other classes of insurance. Though, this highlights the importance of outlining any pre-existing health conditions that may affect your health in the future, and affect the structure of your expat insurance plan. Some health conditions may require you to add extensions to your health insurance plan but it is worth doing this, as neglecting to do this can lead to the insurance being a colossal waste of money when you need it most.

Knowing which insurance to pick can be tricky, given the multitude of providers. One thing important to mention is: do not make a decision solely based on price. Some expat insurance providers will offer cheap premiums with multiple exclusions, which is useless to an expat. Peace of mind will be so important to you when living in Singapore.

If you’re worried about missing details, it may be worth speaking to an insurance broker, or one of the Global Health Insurance big players. Make sure that you pick a firm that has a reputation of paying claims. Many firms offer cheaper plans but you can often find yourself paying substantial excess fees, filling out endless paperwork, or worst of all – your claim being rejected. Firms like Cigna Insurance may not be the cheapest but they offer plans that will protect you in most eventualities and may be more likely to pay claims in full.

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  1. Manju June 19, 2013 at 7:24 am #

    My husband and I are planning on getting employed in Singapore and with our son aged 8 relocate to Singapore Yishun….my son is in class 4 CBSE and the academic year just began….I want to know if in case we are moving to Singapore within few months…..will it be advisable to put him in local Singapore schools or Indian schools!! Will admissions be possible? how are the fees structures monthly or annual for both schools. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee advise

    Thanks in advance

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