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Opening a Bank Account in Singapore

Being an acclaimed financial hub in Asia, banks in Singapore are accommodating and opening a bank account in Singapore is a fairly straight-forward process. Let’s assume that you have just arrived in town, and probably have to find a bank rather quickly (if you want access to your salary, that is).

opening a bank account in singapore

Opening a Bank Account with certain providers can have significant incentives

The documentation most banks require is your passport, valid work Visa, dependent pass or long term stay pass, and proof of address (tenancy agreement, utility bills or an official letter from your employer signed by a manager). It is quite common for the bank to request that you place a minimum balance (for Citibank the minimum balance is $2,500) to be deposited in the account and left there. Whichever bank you go for, watch out for hidden extras, and the charges incurred if you go below this amount.

Quick and easy options, with branches all over town include:

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account in Singapore

It is worth noting that some of the top banks offer significant savings attached to their credit cards, when shopping, dining or drinking in Singapore.

Other things to consider when Opening a Bank Account in Singapore

Firstly, the bank’s branch location is close to where you work. Another factor that is significant in Singapore is how many ATMs the bank has around Singapore. For example, there is a limit on the number of ATMs available for foreign banks (e.g. Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC),  whereas local banks have branches available almost everywhere.


NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers) allows you to make cashless transactions using a second ATM card and PIN number that come directly from your current account. This bank card does not have a number on it so it makes your bank account more secure. It’s also possible to flexibly place transaction limits on the bank card so it acts more like plastic cash.

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