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Hawker Centres in Singapore

For those living in Singapore, Hawker Centres are some of the best and cheapest places that one can possibly eat at. Executives and juniors alike appreciate the quality, atmosphere and value of this Singaporean institution.

Newton Circus – Clemenceau Ave.

Newton Circus (500 Clemenceau Ave) is the most famous and one of the largest hawker centres in Singapore and is designed to give tourists and locals a view of what this historic place was like 40 years ago now that it has been refurbished. The range of food available here is fantastic, perfect for visitors interested in sampling traditional Singaporean specialties, like the legendary Chili Crab. Tourists are not the only ones who will find this place great- all residents out there should go check out the amazing food here. Newton Food Centre is conveniently placed just off Orchard Road, making it very convenient for tourists. Because of the prime location, though, the prices are relatively high as far as hawker stalls go. It is also important to keep an eye on prices here as people have been known to be ripped off on occasions.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre – 335 Smith Street

Having done some budget shopping or just finished up work on a Friday, Chinatown Complex Food Centre (335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex) makes a great stop. Many say it is the best hawker centre in Singapore. This is a great place to start a night before moving on to the bars and clubs on Clarke Quay, or just for an alternative lunch break. The most popular dishes here are “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle” and Char Kway Teow (a noodle dish fried with fresh cockles). On top of this, the area is relatively clean and not at all intimidating- great for beginners as well as old-timers.

Maxwell Food Centre – 50 Market Street

Located close to one of Singapore’s favourite places to go out (Club Street), the Maxwell Food Centre (50 Market Street, Off Maxwell Road) is priced great and tastes even better. People all over the world are raving about the Tian Tian Chicken Rice that comes from this place. The seats may be hard but the atmosphere will have you distracted enough (and why not grab a Tiger beer while you’re there!). If you’re looking to miss the queues, head up there for an early lunch on the weekend.

Lau Pa Sat – 18 Raffles Quay

(Currently closed for renovation, originally scheduled to re-open Nov 2013, but not yet open to the public. We will update as soon as it has re-opened.)

Lau Pa Sat (18 Raffles Quay) is not only a Food Centre, it is also a heritage sight. It was opened in 1825 as Singapore’s first market. It now sits in the middle of the Central Business District so is great for a lunch break as well as anything else. The food is cheap and the place has a continuous buzzing atmosphere. The food selection here is enormous, and delicious. This is our favourite.

Rasapura Masters – Canal Level, Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Where else in the world can you find a hawker centre inside one of the world’s most prestigious hotel/casinos. “Rasa-pura” means “taste-city” and the cuisine on offer here is excellent. Here you’ll find fine-dining restaurants serving up their most famous dishes “hawker style”. This is a great place to start or finish if you’re doing some designer shopping, going to the theatre or having a cocktail at Piano Bar.

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