Choosing The Right DXRacer Chair

There are many models of DXRacer chair and most of the time, people find it confusing to choose the right one for them. Some even find it as an intimidating task. But it is not as tough as it seems to be. Once the basic knowledge about the chairs is understood, it is quite easy to choose. Here is a DXRacer buying guide to help you choose the right chair that suits your body type.

Formula Series

The Formula series is suitable for those whose height is up to 5’8” and who weigh up to 82 kgs. Though the weight capacity of the series is 120 kgs, comfort and fit is ideal only for those who weigh up to 82 kgs. If the person’s body type is narrow or medium, then this is the ideal chair for them.

Drift Series

The Drift Series is suitable for people whose height is up to 6’2” and weight up to 96 kgs. Though the weight capacity of the series is 120 kgs, people who weigh more than 96 kgs won’t find this chair comfortable. People with Athletic build find this chair comfortable. If the waist area is wide, then this is not the chair for you.

Race Series

The Race Series is best for those whose weight falls within 82 kgs and with a height of up to 6’3”. People who have a narrow or medium body type find the Race series best suited for them. People with wide shoulders or wide waist won’t find this comfortable.

Max Series

People who weigh up to 108 kgs find the Max series to be the best option. If the body type is a wide build, then you can choose this chair. But please note that if you are short, the seat pan might intrude the back of the knee.

Universe Series

Universe series is for those who weigh more than 82 kgs but less the 136 kgs. It is a right fit for medium to wide body build type. The chair’s bolsters are more open and hence, can accommodate almost all types of body types.

King Series

The King series can withstand a weight of around 160 kgs. As the seat is wide, it is best for people with a wide waist. It is not comfortable for narrow body types as they won’t feel the support provided by the bolsters.