3D printing – Bring The Magic Alive

There was a time when normal printing was considered a big deal. Printing is a process of converting soft copies to hard copies. Reproduction of the data such as text and images using a template or a master form is what printing is defined as. Printing is a crucial part of everyday life. Be it for students or office, a printer is a must have.

With advancement in innovation and technology, 3d printing was only the next step. It was only a matter of time until the improvement took place. Three-dimensional printing is now a rage. This truly incredible technology is a mindboggling invention that brings to life the ideas that have been drawn on the computer. Seeing it on the computer is one thing. Watching it become a life-sized object has its own charm.

Invented by Chuck Hall in 1986, 3D printing scans a digital three-dimensional model. That digital file is converted into a physical object. A 3D version of the idea brings a better perspective. A decade ago, these printers were bulky and expensive. They were used mostly in factories and advanced corporations. Today, much more have found a use for it as both the cost and the size have reduced.

Top rated “Home 3d printer”

* Formlabs Form 2 – A 20.5 by 13.5 by 13 inches instrument, this printer comes with a closed frame and a resolution of 25 microns. It weighs 28 lbs.

* LulzBot Mini 3D Printer – A 15.2 by 17.1 by 13.4 inches instrument, this printer comes with an open frame and a resolution of 50 microns. It weighs 18.8 lbs.

* MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer – A 16.2 by 17.4 by 20.8 inches instrument, this printer has a resolution of 100 microns. It weighs 35 lbs.

* XYZ printing Nobel 1.0 – A 23.2 by 11 by 13.2 inches instrument, it has a resolution of 25 microns and weighs 21 lbs.

* Flashforge Finder 3D Printer – A 16.5 by 16.5 by 16.5 inches instrument, it has a resolution of 100 microns and weighs 28 lbs.

3D printers: Makerbot Reviews state that this brand is a successful printer worth every penny. With improved speed, quiet operation and powerful software resolution, the sales of this product are high.

TOP QUALITY: 3D printer / Metal filament

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is considered to be one of the best 3d printer filament amongst those who are interested in it. The biggest advantage of it is that it is a biodegradable thermoplastic that is derived from resources that are renewable. Objects such as corn starch or sugar cane are utilized for the same.

It is a good idea to use wood with 3d printer easy JJJ. Wood is one of the most versatile objects on the planet and can be molded beautifully to suit the needs of the user. The digital craftsmanship and the levels of the complexity are truly enhanced. A lot of attention is given to detail. This is ideal for the creation of artistic pieces and decorative ideas.