How to make your rescue dog comfortable at home?

All puppies need some time to get to know their owners and settle down in their new homes. But rescued dogs are special and need a lot more care and effort before they start feeling comfortable in their new surroundings. You can be patient and try to understand and treat it with extra care so that both of you can create a peaceful companionship for each other.

The rescue dog has left a shelter, which was its home, and its friends and come to a strange place, so it needs time to settle down. Don’t create more stress by introducing him to many people immediately. Do not have a huge, noisy party to welcome him. Let the first few days be peaceful and calm for him. He needs to identify the place or area that he feels belongs to him. He will settle down and start feeling comfortable if given a separate bed that he can realize and make its own. A special corner or a crate can be assigned to him and he will feel better after some time when he realizes the place as its home. Some shelter dogs need special care. For example, an older dog may be suffering from arthritis and may need best orthopaedic dog bed for arthritis.

Have some rules in place from the beginning. Dogs are intelligent and can understand rules. A structured life and rules help them to understand the hierarchy and realize their role in the family. Once it is clear then they are more secure.

Get bowls, toys, food, and chews for the dog that will nourish him and teach him new tricks. Slowly introduce him to the family and friends and other pets if you have any. You love your new pet and shelter dogs are timid and scared and looking for that special love and care that you have for it. But do not rush into the relationship. Be patient and give it time to understand the new surroundings. Let it realize that this could be the forever home for it. So, just be kind and love it and soon it will start reciprocating.