Is It Possible To Lose 2 Pounds A Week?

Losing 2 pounds a week is possible if you can create a deficit of 1000 calories per day. To lose one pound of fat you will have to create a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Therefore to lose 2 pounds a week you will have to create a deficit of 7000 calories. According to experts the safe weight loss rate is considered to be losing from 1 to 2 lbs per week. This you can achieve by effectively combining a diet and exercise plan which requires making a few lifestyle changes.

Following an own diet may not be possible for all due to busy work schedule or ignorance. Busy people seeking weight loss can choose programs like Nutrisystem to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. Nutrisystem offers diet plans for men, women, diabetics and vegetarians. Recently it had launched Turbo 13 plan which is specifically designed to accelerate the weight loss process in dieters. By following this plan the dieters will be able to lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. A special kit called Turbo Takeoff kit delivered in the first week which makes this amount of weight loss possible. The kit includes specialized meals for 7 days, shakes, bars and boosters that work in unison to offer the maximum weight loss result. Check alabama reading for a detailed review about Nutrisystem diet program.

Following an exercise routine certainly compliments your diet plan and helps you maximize your weight loss result. Include cardio and strength training exercises into your daily routine and you can follow them on alternate days to burn calories and build muscle mass. Drink plenty of water daily which will eliminate the toxins from the body and keeps it hydrated. Likewise including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables supplies the body with essential nutrients and keeps it healthy.…

How To Lose 8 Pounds In 3 Weeks?

Losing 8 pounds in 3 weeks is doable even without following an exercise routine. It is generally said that fitness is achieved with 80% diet and 20% workouts. Though the fitness market is filled with lots of weight loss supplements and solutions, the only proven solution that can offer you weight loss is creating a calorie deficit. The body needs some amount of calories to function and if it does not receive the required calories it tends to steal from its fat storage. Likewise, if you consume too many calories than what is required it will store the excess as fat. To lose weight one must not go on starvation diet. Men should consume minimum of 1500 calories per day and women should consume 1200 calories per day.

Choosing programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast helps you lose up to 2lbs per week at a steady rate. When you include workouts in your routine along with dieting, you will be able to lose 8 pounds in three weeks. However, Nutrisystem claims that dieters following its Turbo 13 plan will be able to lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month of following the diet plan. This is possible because of the Turbo Takeoff kit delivered in the first week which includes specialized weight loss foods to accelerate your weight loss process. To choose the most suitable program among the two see this comparison article.

Ensure that your diet is filled with macro nutrients and micro nutrients. The macronutrients include protein, carbs and healthy fats while the micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. The beauty of creating a calorie deficit you can relish your favorites as long as you keep up the deficit. However, you can eat all your treats in moderate amount but never over eat junk foods. Importantly, your foods should include micro and macro nutrients and without them your body would be malnourished.…

Can You Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Weeks?

Recommended weight loss is up to 2 lbs per week. Losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks is challenging but attainable. Fitness constitutes 80% of workout and 20% of diet. The level of calorie consumption and burning varies from person to person. Your body only needs a certain amount of calories to function. You need more calories if you are an active person. If you do not consume the recommended calorie for the day, your body will draw energy from stored fat. Likewise, excess consumption of calories will be stored as fat.

When trying to lose weight, your first step should ne knowing the amount of calories you should consume daily. You will also have to find out how much you will expend in a day. You can make use of the online calorie calculators to arrive at the figure. For weight loss to happen you need to consume 500 calories lesser than the recommended amount. You can also make use of mobile apps to track your calorie intake. Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem eliminate the hassle of counting calories if you follow their diet plans. Weight Watchers is another weight loss program which assesses your progress by calculating the points you have consumed. For your information both the diets are compared here.

As said earlier, you need to reduce 500 calories from your daily recommended calorie target. It is not recommended that you go lesser than this as your body needs minimum calories to function properly. Starving without food will only bring about nutrition deficiency. You should include both micro nutrients and macro nutrients into your daily diet. Proteins, Carbohydrates and Healthy fats are the macronutrients and vitamins and minerals are the micronutrients which your body should essentially consume. An inactive woman requires minimum 1300 calories a day while men need minimum 1900 calories. Therefore, by carefully calculating your calorie requirement you can shed 10 pounds in 3 weeks.…

Find the best post natal massage online

When you have recently delivered the whole process could have been really difficult and strenuous for you. More than childbirth, the whole taking care of the newborn, the whole night routine you have to do with the baby and the all-new responsibilities could all bring a lot of events making you tired very much and your body might be yearning for a relaxation. The post natal massages are the best for every new mother out there. It eases out the muscles in your body and brings flexibility to the desired level. Apart from this, it relaxes the whole body and you could catch up on sleep for a while.

It is not difficult to find a spa online which offers these post natal massages. There are many places which offer traditional post natal massage in Singapore. You can book one online as there are many authentic places. However, it is important to read the customer reviews and calculate the customer ratings before you finalize on the place. Most places have many deals and offer running all through the year and this could be the best time to book one for you or your dear one. In fact, you are looking for the best gift for your woman friend who has recently delivered; than this is one the best option.

Just register yourself with one of the best spa places and you will be provided with all the details you need to know about their massages, routine, staff, pricing, and every other detail. This will help you in deciding if you want to book an appointment with them. Meanwhile, you can make arrangements to leave your baby with your dear ones and go ahead and have some relaxed time. These massages unwind you and help you relax better.

Buying Sex Toys In Bulk

When do we see crowds pushing each other and rushing into a shopping center? Obviously, when there is a sale or announcement of limited period offers or the opening of a much-awaited store with fresh and vast collections. My aunt recently shifted to a buzzing European town with her two naughty sons and husband. The boys, very much expected of their age run criss-cross in the market from one store to another whenever they go shopping. They continued their habit even at the new place.

Last week, she noticed a strange, but not so noisy crowding around a shop in the market. grown-ups were turning up in more than normal numbers to the shop and seemed to be in rush too.

Shopping adult toys in bulk is beneficial

She read the board mentioning wholesale prices. The shop sold sex toys and had taken the items in bulk. The regular customers knew it was a celebration time for a pleasure hunt. And she pointed out some advantages to purchase sex toys in bulk or fro a wholesale store at this time:

Bulk orders give items at prices more or less similar to wholesale prices.

Bulk order means more items and bigger selection to choose from. Grabbing the right opportunities for pleasure at the right time will improve your sense of satisfaction.

It is easy for you to bump into such bulk selling stores because you will be immersed in the crowd and will not be in an embarrassing situation of getting noticed.

If you buy bulk toys at one go, you can avoid any unpleasant stares everytime you go into the shop.

With online stores like love plugs, when you order a number of toys in bulk, the discount you get in the process is super encouraging.

How exciting it would be to see a whole bunch of all varieties of pleasure toys at one go??…

How to make your rescue dog comfortable at home?

All puppies need some time to get to know their owners and settle down in their new homes. But rescued dogs are special and need a lot more care and effort before they start feeling comfortable in their new surroundings. You can be patient and try to understand and treat it with extra care so that both of you can create a peaceful companionship for each other.

The rescue dog has left a shelter, which was its home, and its friends and come to a strange place, so it needs time to settle down. Don’t create more stress by introducing him to many people immediately. Do not have a huge, noisy party to welcome him. Let the first few days be peaceful and calm for him. He needs to identify the place or area that he feels belongs to him. He will settle down and start feeling comfortable if given a separate bed that he can realize and make its own. A special corner or a crate can be assigned to him and he will feel better after some time when he realizes the place as its home. Some shelter dogs need special care. For example, an older dog may be suffering from arthritis and may need best orthopaedic dog bed for arthritis.

Have some rules in place from the beginning. Dogs are intelligent and can understand rules. A structured life and rules help them to understand the hierarchy and realize their role in the family. Once it is clear then they are more secure.

Get bowls, toys, food, and chews for the dog that will nourish him and teach him new tricks. Slowly introduce him to the family and friends and other pets if you have any. You love your new pet and shelter dogs are timid and scared and looking for that special love and care that you have for it. But do not rush into the relationship. Be patient and give it time to understand the new surroundings. Let it realize that this could be the forever home for it. So, just be kind and love it and soon it will start reciprocating.

What’s Special In Yves Saint Laurent Bags

YSL bags are status symbols and every Fashionista will have at least one ysl bag. These bags are very special and unique in their design. Even the logo of these bags is special in such a way that it is not an easy task to replicate it. So, what makes them so special? Here’s what.


Yves Saint Laurent Bags have unique and attractive designs that suit every occasion. The design of these bags never go out of fashion and can be used even for a decade with worrying about going out of fashion.


The durability of the bag is unquestionable. Like any other top brands, these bags are made of top grade materials and the quality is amazing. That is why it is preferred by women who love the quality of the product. The way it lasts for years is quite impressive. With proper care, the bag can even last a lifetime. The company offers around 3 years of warranty to the bag that makes them the best in the luxury bag market.


The design of the bags is perfect and spacious enough to carry for any occasion, be it travel, work or any other purpose. For the high price tag, it serves the purpose well and offers the most comfort and convenience.


There are lots of features provided in the bags like the small zip pocket on the inside or at the back of the bag. This is made sure to put small items so that one need not search for it later. Also, it has other options like extra strap attachment so that one can convert a handbag to a cross-body bag whenever they want to. Thus, the bag is not only considered luxurious but also has lots of functionality.

YSL identity is something that stands apart in the fashion world. The logo design itself is an outstanding piece that shows its uniqueness. It is an ultimate luxury bag and at the same time, it is a symbol of quality.…